A Receipt to Cure Mad Dogs, or Men or Beasts Bitten by Mad Dogs

— Communicated by Sir Rob. Gourdon, Philosophical Transactions of
xxxthe Royal Society of London,
ca. 1690

Agrimony roots, Primrose roots,
Dragon roots, Single Peony roots,
the leaves of Box, of each a Handful;
the Starr of the Earth, two handfuls;
the black of Crabs’ Claws prepared,
Venice Treacle, of each one ounce:
all these to be beaten and bruised together
and boiled in a Gallon of Milk
till the half be boiled away,
then put into a Bottle, unstrained,
and given, 3 or 4 Spoonfuls at a time,
to the Dog or Beast or Man
three Mornings together
before new and full Moon.