Apocryphon of Roots

i. anatomy
you stretch forth a root into the darknessxxx / open the light
xxxxxxxand ride through it / xxxxwith you sway the trees / desire
a moving targetxxx / a roadxxx / a rodxxxxxxxx cone-tipped / enrobed
xxxxxin darkness
ii. architecture
wider than the canopy of mexxx / fingers
xxxxxxxthreading throughxxx the earth /xxx dirt
is all aroundxxx / and dark
xxxxx/ tilled by the blind

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxa path unpaved make path / make way
iii. growth

the creaking of the trees
xxxxxxxfrom seed / is sown

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxI’ll bring you water / I’ll bring you
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxflowering moss /

you burrow-climb
xxxxxxxxxxthe night / divide
iv. regulation

I want to ask about the rainxxxx / nimble-fingered
xxxxxxxand withoutxxx / aim xxx/ one thing
blossoms xxx/ anotherxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx / falls away

xxxxxx/ tap / tap tap tap
I ask
v. specialization

you who rise
xxxxxxxxxxxxxout / originate
from stemxxx / from leafxxxxxx from /

xxxx/ who clover
xxxxxxxxxxx/ who strawberry / who willow
willow me /

anchor and reach / heavily-branched /
xxxxxxxxxxx/ thicken

xxxxxxxabove ground / breathe dew
or storexxx / short-lived though you may be / but fine

xxxxxxxxhold close /
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxbeneath the soil
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/ swell
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/ salt
xxxxxxxxis no emblem of the soulxxx / nor stolon

shade leaves /
xxxxxxxxxxxx/ pickleweed
vi. depth
in such darknessxxx / I cannot read your eyes
xxxxxxxxxxxxxand I don’t know /xxx what storm I’m from
the world is wrapped in flame
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/ and there is drummingxxx / in the trees
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxgiven pattern
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/ given form
every day another / doorway
xxxxxxxI hunger for
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/ I cannot name