how to recognize god’s chosen xx.

the congregation of god’s chosen
will find zhe on the mountain
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxflower in hand

some will say it was a bud
a cherry yet to bloom

others a field lily, a lotus
some a tulip, tall & bright

some will call the flower sermon
call it love, call it death

& they will turn from zhe
to speak its message

& will say we all are flowers picked
& bundled into a bouquet of sand verbena
& primrose, of paintbrush & prairie sage

some will say only zhe is
a flower, a golden daffodil

others will argue the flower is but chaff
to be burned
xxxxxxxxxxxxthey will call this all idolatry
for no created thing, neither in heaven
nor on earth is divine

& when the gathered turn back to zhe
to say teach us the lesson of the flower

to ask, finally, is it prayer, is it gift
is it life, are we, too, flowers

they will turn & find only a goatsbeard
big & white & gone to seed