[I drive up hills to see the tops of other people's heads]

I drive up hills to see the tops of other people’s heads
xxxxxxxxat the top I can’t read books at the top
xxxxI can’t watch my own children at the top I am
xxxxxxxxxxxxdumb I am numb at the top

but still I want to go to the top because that’s where
xxxxxxxxxxa boss sits a boss has fits at the top gives
xxxxtips at the top a boss gets into tip-top shape
xxxxxxxxxxxxxon the way up yesterday I met a boss

who asked his people how they felt once I
xxxxxxmet a boss who knelt as he bused
xxxxtables who helped his people without his arms
xxxxxxxxxxxxon his hips my father wanted me

to be a boss who can fire up people
xxxxxxxxwho can fire people my father used to
xxxxcircle English words he didn’t know with a
xxxxxxxxxxxxred pen now his books drip

red now his books have locks he has an aphasia workbook
xxxxxxhe asks my four-year-old to help when I
xxxxask him the name of his old boss
xxxxxxxxxxxhe says his own name