Issue 12


Hedy Habra
Chinese Ink on Rice Paper

Izumi Yokoyama
Pen and Ink

Johanna DeBiase


Ana Maria Rodas
& translated by Christopher Brandt

Anne Champion
Visiting Anne Sexton’s Grave
To the Missing Girls

Arron Shiver
My Hero
For My Friends Who Are Very Hungry

Catherine Strisik
Past Tense

Charlie Kalogeroes-Chattan
That Extraordinary Mote of Dust
Demise of a Star

Hedy Habra
To My Son Upon His First Visit to Lebanon
The Taste of the Earth

John Biscello
Sylvia Plath
Anne Sexton

Juma Rifai
& translated by
Nizar Sartawi and Veronica Golos
A Single Repeated Sentence

Lee Peterson
Matins: Volta

Mia Ayumi Malhotra
Dear _______
Where Poems Come From

Micah Khater
Delicate Collections

Robert Okaji
Letter to Geis from This Side of the Glass
A Texas Goodbye

Rusty Morrison
notes from the understory (level 15)
notes from the understory  (level 16)
notes from the understory  (level 17)

Veronica Gerber Bicecci
& translated by Christina MacSweeney
A Selection of Haiku

Veronica Golos
Chinatown Fish Market
The Year of Rain

Vi Khi Nao
My Year
There Is No Touchdown Here, Belichick

Yuan Changming
Heart-Rooted: An Introduction to Chinese Characters
Fragmenting: A Sonnet in Infinitives