La Dune—Father’s Day


生き別れし後の年月 松の葉にひとつひとつを通す乳の実
gone from me
after so many years
I put pine needles
one after another
into ginkonuts

after hating him
for so long, how imbued
with he longing
of a child with no father
on Father’s Day

風紋よ覚えてゐるか かつて汝石英の塊なりし昔を
ripples on the sand
do you remember when
you were
a crystal rook
long long ago?

even for
a Samarian woman
a rain of stars
who is pouring it over her
with heaven’s water vase?

駱駝色の砂を鎖骨に光らせつ われも微かな大地の飛沫
camel colored
sand in my collarbone
I am also an infinitesimal
splash in the dust


The Japanese original published by The Gendai Tanka Shinbun June 2015.
Translation by author and Kris Moon