Mission Statement Issue 12

In the end
Everything that burdened and distinguished me
Will be lost in this:
I was a voice.

— Eavan Boland

This spring 2020, the world joins together now in a surreal landscape of pause.

Months before this moment, I took over as Editor of The Taos Journal of International Poetry and Art, and so begun my journey with this issue and with the poets and artists featured here.

In Issue 12, New Mexico poets and artists continue to be highlighted as well as poets currently living or from varying Unites States and countries around the world. “Grey Day,” the collage created by artist Johanna DeBiase is the image that introduces the current issue.

The journal was begun eight years ago by Catherine Strisik and Veronica Golos in Taos, New Mexico, U.S., amid astounding horizontal beauty of mesas and the vertical allure of mountains. I will continue to hold that splendor close as I gaze on new mountains in the city of Qingdao, China where I currently live.

This year marked an important transition for the founding editors of the journal who both published new and inspiring books, Veronica Golos’ “Girl “and Catherine Strisik’s “Insectum Gravitis.” Selections of both of these books can be found here in Issue 12. Catherine also became the new Poet Laureate of Taos, New Mexico and this month, May 2020 begins her Poetry in Nature Project. For more information and to submit please visit www.cathystrisik.com

Our mission has been and will continue to be the discovery of poetry, art, and literary reviews/essays that raise the hair on our arms, therefore our consciousness; Poetry that excites with passion, syntax, and craft; Art that remains an image in one’s eye.

Our vision is wide and inviting to both experimental and formal poetry, photography, visual art, sculpture, reviews and essays.

In light and hope,
Robin Shawver