In Memory of Poet, ‘Annah Sobelman January 16, 1954 – July 31, 2017

Poem excerpt from Dandelions for the Threnody
from In the Bee Latitudes (New California Poetry, 2012)
initially published in Volt


— Then looking while I’m walking outside  in  air  like  a muscle ( inside and

outside the random sprinkling of full-grown dandelions near the river , the  life

just  above  the  ankles  ,  not eternity  ,  some  of the dandelions  spraying

xxxxxxxxtheir   yellow  into  their  biggest   fullest


flow  and after this no   place  left  to   go  fuller

xxxxwhich   is still   their  most

excruciated   ,  ascendant  unrecalcitrant   ,   to  the  limits  to  the

xxxxexact   precipice  falling  stepping

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx off   after  which is not dandelion ) I find

myself  being lavished   all  out   in  my  glance   ,  almost

as   air  ,  over these  dandelions  and through  the  wind  in the  air near the river

blowing out

from  its circumference   though  I   cannot   discern    where   its   center

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