Summer ; — Fatigue ; — A Direction , Up; — and A Spreading Out Unlawed


— Yet sitting with so little

blood leaving me  to cause  this  fatigue , on  top of the picnic table  my ankles
are now over its

xxxxxxxxxx precipice  of

at the  air over  its edge   over  even the hollow circular   and flat  thin stalks  and
grass  blades  growing  fast

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with so much speed

xxxxxxxx no hurry

I  can see  beneath  my  feet   kicking into the summer
air — —xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx looking  up  from   underneath   in  front  of  the   on-

rushing  speed  of  a   cloud  throwing  its   first   thrust-shudders over the top
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx edge  of  the  mountain   like    I    thought

spreading  out

xxxxxx of   the    unlawed —  up    from   underneath   its
xxxxx white   cloud   edge ,   especially  harvested   by   all
xxxxxxxxxxx these   fir   and   spruce   and  aspen
and  pine

xxxxxxxxx top   edges     jutting  fragrant  fierce with

xxxxx hot smell  ( spill –
outs  of
their   seeds  )

xxxxxxxxxxx growing    the   indent-
xxxxxxxxxxx ing  of   the    mountain   in  their  evergreen  to

xxxxx tone – scented  modulatings  , taperings  , moorings

xx now  big  cloud  passing over
also  harvests

xxxx push –

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx ing   some   kind of   lawlessness


along     — —  (  up   from

xxx my   feet  I’ve   stopped  kicking  , or  now  forget  to  kick  ,
x the  great white  cloud   moving
at  varying   and   breakneck  speeds  —  Which  I

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is   unlawed      though   I   am   not
moving  —xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  imagine
moving   out   from   its   nature     but   it

is   not    a
xxx law    passing   over    the  air   waves   the  satellite   dish    the
xxx meta-

xxxxxxx llic  meticulous  signals  , ,  )  —   I   am
neither  a
little   nor   a  lot

xxxx of  blood   —     over  the  dropped-

xxxxxx down  landscape  thundering   along  its    applause
sounds   its   green  to   brown   to   amber   under-
neath   feathering  along  its   before-fatigue   intricacy , which   harvests  the

xxxxxx  let   me  come  closer  in —

the  sun  ,   a windfall  enabling   so  much  of it
roving   the   mountain  from  almost   its   very  beginning   to

xxxxxxx very   present   height  ,   the  world  surges

xxxxxxx as    world   against  ,   then    dives

xxxxxxxx out   from   into    air  and  the  lightflow  at

its  fast
one  &
only   speed    all   smashing  into

xxx what   looks  like  a   lumpy  eternity  ,  me   and  the  black


xx fly   in
xxxxxxxxx its  engines  ,  a   repose  in   the
windflow      and   in  its

xxxxxxxxxxxxx bumping   up
against  ?
And  in  its  bumping  up  against.
Though  ,  I  think
it   is   also
mortal  ,  of

xxx moving  ,  of   collision  ,
of   chance

xxxxxxx encounter
xxxxxxx until     their   currents  ,  until   their
xx let
xxxx you   in  ,   let    you    through  —


Previous published in IN the BEE LATITUDES, (University of California Press, 2012).