Yuan Changming

Issue #
April 27, 2020

Fragmenting: A Sonnet in Infinitives

To be                  a matter when there’s no question
Or not to be       a question when nothing really matters

               To sing                  with a frog squatting straight
On a lotus leaf in the Honghu Lake         near Jingzhou

         To recollect                  all the pasts, and mix them
Together like a glass of          cocktail

               To build                      a nest of meaning
Between two broken branches on          Ygdrasil

To strive                 for deity
                                               Longevity      and
                                                               Even happiness

To come                  on and off line every other while

To compress      consciousness into a file, and upload it
Onto a nanochip. To be      daying, to          die

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