Issue #13 - November 2, 2023

Rebecca Aronson

Driving Lesson

Simon Anton Niño Diego Baena

Pista / Fiesta

Cal Bedient

Love on the Farm

Nadia Bongo

The Ngongogo

Nadia Bongo

Body of Words

Judith Buffaloe

Mi Amor

Miriam Calleja

The joy of a new dawn

Tina Carlson


Vivian Mary Carroll

Red Pickup Truck Pantoum

Vivian Mary Carroll

Ancient Wing

Camille Carter


Camille Carter


Douglas Cole

Alone with the Sky

Louis-Philippe Dalembert

vagabondage / wandering

Jon Davis

In Gioiella

Carolyn Guinzio


Alicia Hokanson

Along a Skagit Road

Jock Jacober

The Silent Scream

Jock Jacober


Despina Kaïtatzi-Choulioumi

Με λένε Εύα / My Name is Eva

George Kalamaras

After Thirty-Two Years

George Kalogeris

Circle Dance

George Kalogeris

Kalamata Olives

Alexander Long

Genesis 1:26-28*

Alexander Long

Matthew 6:9-13*

Ivette Frida Lontine y Torres

From Some Uncertain Place

George Looney

Worthy of Note

Linda Malm


Frank Paino

The Forest

Lisa Ludden Perry

Haibun on Memory

Vassiliki Rapti

Bathed in Moonlight

Sherry Mossafer Rind


Sudeep Sen


Anastasia Vassos


Leonore Wilson

Early Gnosis

Leonore Wilson

Reluctant Earth

Leonore Wilson

After Sappho

Sarah Wolbach

Whale Fall
A Journal of International Poetry
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