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Our mission is to discover poetry that raises the hair on our arms, therefore our consciousness; Poetry that excites with passion, syntax, imagery, and craft. Living in Taos, New Mexico, U.S., amid astounding horizontal beauty of mesas, vertical allure of mountains, we are searching too for splendor; intricate and singing. Our vision is wide and inviting to both experimental and formal poetry, reviews and essays.

Welcome to Issue 13. I wondered as I made a call for submissions in the late winter 2023 for Issue 13 what the response would be after a three year hiatus, and discovered that we were hardly forgotten. In fact Taos Journal of Poetry was missed and loved stated many notes included with close to 400 submissions. Thrilled and humbled, I immersed myself into the breath and body of other, into their silences and screams, voices reflective of ancestors, war, borders, atrocities here in the U.S. and abroad, assimilation, cultures left behind but holding tight to the riches of the "old country." Poems lyric and narrative mirrored these times and who and what we'd lost: parents, friends, peers, home, safety, our own youth. And what we'd perhaps gained: historical and ecological knowledge via passionate poetry. Poets and translators in this full varied issue that tracks humanness by way of myth, bread, wind, fire, prayer, apology, chaos, heartache, a palm leaf, a sheep bell, crevices of rock, hail from across the United States from Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, D.C., Indiana, Maryland, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, and West Virginia. Translations of poems arrived from various continents either by the poet, a translator, a peer, or a family member. Here you will find poets who live and/or are with origins in Armenia, Bulgaria, Canada, England, Greece, Haiti, India, Iran, Malta, Mexico, Philippines, and Ukraine. Have a look into the Essay/Book Review section where two recent poetry collections are highlighted, and please take the time to read: "War & Love: What is Unsaid."

                                                                 the invisible
                                                         is active today - ; cleaves
                                                            to the skin,
Brenda Hillman, from In A Few Minutes/Before Later

Taos Journal of Poetry, is an online journal of International Poetry,  co-founded and edited by Catherine Strisik and Veronica Golos in 2011. For nine years we developed the journal into an internationally recognized publication of poetry with translations/ languages of origins from poets across the globe, including both educational essays, book reviews, interviews, and highly recognized artists’ and photographers’ artwork. In 2020, poet and educator, Robin Shawver held the reigns following closely Taos Journal’s mission. Now, after a three-year hiatus, Taos Journal of Poetry is again very much alive edited by Catherine Strisik who is assisted when in need by a tremendous group of Editorial Advisors.

Seshat, whose image introduces the journal, is the Ancient Egyptian goddess of wisdom, knowledge, and writing. She was known by the epithet “Mistress of the House of Books” because she looked after the library of the gods and was the patron of all earthly libraries. She was also patron of all forms of writing.

Taos Journal of Poetry is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Your continued tax-deductible contributions are greatly appreciated. 
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Catherine Strisik, poet, teacher, editor, Taos, New Mexico’s Poet Laureate 2020-2021; recipient of Taoseña Award as Woman of Impact based on literary contribution; is author of Insectum Gravitis (Main Street Rag, 2019; finalist New Mexico/AZ Book Award in Poetry 2020); The Mistress (3: A Taos Press, 2016; awarded New Mexico/AZ Book Award for Poetry 2017); Thousand-Cricket Song (Plain View Press 2010, 2nd edition 2016); manuscripts: Some Ichor Flowed,(finalist: Two Sylvia’s Press & Philip Levine Prize in Poetry); and, Dear Unholy: (finalist: Two Sylvia’s Press) She is co-founder and editor of Taos Journal of Poetry, on advisory board of Pocket Samovar, is a Pushcart nominee, has held poetry workshops in Greece and locally, and has over 30 years of publications with poetry translated into Greek, Persian, and Bulgarian. Strisik, who has lived in Taos for over 40 years, offers editorial services, private consultations, small group poetry workshops, and poetry readings.     https://www.cathystrisik.com

Editorial Advisory Board

Veronica Golos
Niels Hav
Brenda Hillman
Rosa Jamali
Robert Okaji
dg nanouk okpik
Vassiliki Rapti
Jon Riccio
Robin Shawver
Mervyn Taylor
Mary Jane White
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