Ruth Ellen Kocher

Issue #
September 8, 2014

Diaspora III Or Geordi 'The Form' Of Space

Geordi La Forge cannot be trusted, his tin-thin
hollow galaxy arc gaze gestures chin up

epic displacement
Kunta in space     who cannot become

hero   ask     (servitude evolves the Master     the Master
evolves the slave) do not be deterred by chocolate-

love- mista- street- sage- fuzzy- pimp- mandingo- noble
savage-savant – that cat women want– black-muled love

buffalo-ape-uniformed and approved     out there in space
Buddha knows     the medieval story goes such that

Monkey somersaults not to the end of the universe
but to the infinite pillars of Buddha’s left hand, fingers

spread wide as desert but the poor cudgeled trickster cannot
understand the not-so-finite space of wisdom     proud Geordi

says, make it so, stars crouched like white syllables
low in his throat    ivory grinned hubris twinkling

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