Gary Worth-Moody

Issue #
March 24, 2019

Differentials of Shared Light

You find them alone, solitary: the desert bones. Without connection or trail. Random as if even in rain

                              or spring snow they died of thirst. With swollen

tongue, you bend to lift them from thistle, bluestem, juniper or ponderosa duff, the way you might

                              lift the beautiful companion from slumber

after love. When you coil back to your own shape you are less agile, as if fluidity has fled, displaced by

                              increase in brittleness.

Inventoried, notated, summed, torqued into differentials, refracted through equations of warped light

                              or simple dark,

beyond all winnowed shade, you almost remember, as if nothing has been lost, an imprint

                              of honeycombed marrow against dried

lips, red taste of pulse, of breath-shared, the flood through the infinitesimal membrane between

                              our mortal and common, though unshared, skins.

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