Jeremy Paden

Issue #
March 24, 2019

how to recognize god’s chosen iii.

throngs will come, throngs will press in on every side
at times this will seem like a mad frenzy, like the crush
of an angry mob
                         at times this will seem like the crazed
adoration of youth caught up in the throb of hearts
& hips & the rhythmic slapping of strings electrified
of heads lost to the pulse
                                      at times this will seem like the faithful
going down to the river to bathe during holy days

but come they will
                         for who has seen such beauty
the beauty of the pure in heart, of the chosen
of a body that spins & dips
                                      that catwalks & floorworks
through this crowded world for no other reason
than there are times when life makes the body sing

this verily is that
                         zhe will stand on the shores of a lake
at sunset, zhe will sit on the crest of a hill at noon
will pull away in the night to a mountain orchard
to be
        but the stillness of zhe’s body will be heard
as a song, as a chant, a silbo gomero, a kulning

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