Daniel Moses

Issue #
February 28, 2015

Essay on the Problem of Sky Woman

So how’d it happen? In all likelihood,

She fell. Well, that’s usually how it’s told.

Women have accidents, they say. Girls slip

Up, fall down. Oops. But do we really dare

Say such about her? She’s not just any

Woman. Even if she wasn’t then who

She’s become now. ‘She fell’ is too simple.

So you’re saying what? She was pushed? Well, do

They talk at all about a husband? No.

As they don’t specify her condition.

Knowing her now by her reputation,

Even in that condition, he might have.

(We’re discounting impossibility,

That maybe nothing happened, that perhaps

Her existence is a myth? Yes, because

Turtle Island’s here and continental

Drift is insufficient to the cause of

Us inhabiting it. And null is dull.)

Let’s imagine glancing down and peering

Down through the hole, seeing that strange water

World, waves, shadows we later learn are wings.

Imagine her stopped, calculating how

Far the fall might be, the panic that clenched

Her gut gone away. Curiousity.

It’s now clear that our options are two. Who

Was she? The woman who jumped or the one

Who got pushed? That difference is the one

That matters. Does the mystery work from

The outside in? Or from the inside out?

That’s the one philosophical question.

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