E. Ethelbert Miller

Issue #
February 28, 2015

from 50 Love Poems to a Friend

# 50
Gray sky.
Your love
makes me thirsty
for drops of rain.

# 57
The warm weather
makes me think of you near
water. There are waves
of love yet to touch us.
All the sand falls slowly
through our hands as if our
eyes were clocks waiting
to undress.

# 66
Tremors moved my heart
the first time I saw you.
Every act of love
An earthquake.

# 67
You place yellow
flowers on the table.
I stand looking
at your neck, back
and every petal
that is you. Why
are desires cut
like stems?

Since your
door and arms
are not nearby
we sleep in separate
beds. What should
we do after we sweep
the path and wash
our bowls?

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