Jericho Brown

Issue #
February 28, 2015

What the Holy Do

for Previn Keith Butler (1978—2009)

Back when I was God, I had friends.
We wrote our own Bible
And got thrown out of church.
Then I saw one of us again—a man
Pushing into him
From behind. He turned

His final face to the camera
Like a teenager coming
Upon a pimple in the mirror.
The lonely worship alone.
I search out such filth in the cathedral
Of my home, but this time,

With a sheet, I covered the screen.
That’s what the holy do to the body
After shutting its eyes,
And that’s this scribe’s last vision
Of another poorly recorded life
As I talk to myself in late July, dragging

A fan behind me like an oxygen tank.

Previously published in The New Testament (Copper Canyon 2014)

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