Sarah Husain

September 18, 2012

Evacuating 3 million people, "or in other worlds having technical difficulties"

She desires instantaneously, to move
From this road onto another, far from here
Away from such rains and lightening
Away from this sun
            simply to refuse the moon.

In a flash. Be. Somewhere.
Else. Far. Wet. And. Dark.
Empty. Of history. All Sounds


Legs. Wide. Open.
Running from a certain hill to another.
Naked. Running. Abandoning all the mountains
Their peeks and dips. Running. In time.
Lens.     Wide.  Open. Running.
Be. Seen on camera. Running. Coarse. Corrosive. Hairy. In skin. And blood.
Be. Seen again. And again. And again.
Running. In time.
Cold. Silvery. Slippery. More than words. Precision. Voices. Sounds.
Between.  Silences.  Void. No. No more. Loud. Howling cries
Or laughters. No more. Than.
Aired.  Live.  Legs.   Wide.   Open.
Live between disconnected signals.

     haram harami shameless exotic immigrant
     brown bitch

What is wrong with this picture? This thief?
Can she sew memories, her desires digitally?
Disconnect signals diligently
Rerecord that bastard’s history
His mother’s plea for water
That turned an eternal spring of million memories?

She says:
She could cause more white noise:
Part. Breast. And. Part. Hair. Stream. Live:
From zones of catastrophes, the scanning’s of her third eye.
Contract.   Cut.   Sounds.
Like: The old howls of the moon of her blood.
Replace.  Cut.   Create.   Static.
Precision outages needed.   Cut.   Into.   Stream:
Live: Legs: Wide: Open:
Disconnect. High Jack: High Definition worlds

Legs Wide Open
Lens Wide Open

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