Khadijah Queen

September 18, 2012

Listen, water-like

divided at loam        at arrow’s edge

within     sharpened parameters

insistence and  impulse
the  painted  horse / wild  habits  of  wintering

how grey. an instant

pledge to attract          / water

not to
say no to          ordinary designation
but drumbeat

after a numb    lover’s call   to coldness      /  water
between toes, up to shins            & one  thing
melted at a time          
into the

water –                       22 chrysanthemums
house all
white with
pink edges
& privileges,    & there must be

a rhinestone key                      / water, for green:
for sprouts  &  oregano
grass  &  avocado
mold  &  moss
quick  stroke

interruption:  given over

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