Andrea Watson

Issue #
October 3, 2017

Inventing the Land

Now this is what you shall do—

Take the land each way
you dream a lover earth skin
seamless against his found beauty

No map for this country called flame
sky the supple throat of fire tasting
amethyst bittersweet cerulean

Ride some road to that place with no name
past ripe-veined acequias pierced by twilight
heat blood in rock soil pulsing and blazed

Six miles to the belly of moonrise
where mesas pleasured by alamillos and sage
ache beneath horizon’s arched back

Touch loins with smoke and silver to hold
the wanted stars unlatch the wilding
gate to the burning of the world

Nowhere but dusk born in clay and tinder
nothing but this night-blooming
bed of luminous surrender.

Lie down with the land let it break you—

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