Kate O'Neil

Issue #
October 3, 2017

Manzanita Trail

O, winged         alder


                                                                        unisexual           leathery shrubs


                                                         hanging catkins

                                                                                 fire wheel           often


leaves           opposite

                                                                                          fruit         a drupe

a larkspur

                                     a monkshood

                                                                                                                        yes, columbine

           many-ovaried strawberries

                                                         red apache plume

                                                                                                                                 wild cliff rose

O, buds

                                          O, capsules

          Yes, my sepals

                                                          showy bracts

                                                                                                                       milky juice

         O, fleshy




                                                                    and variously-toothed


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