Craig Santos Perez

Issue #
February 18, 2013

ginen sounding lines

                                                                                                            for my mom

                                            customs declaration

“dont swim by yourself when
you are back home be careful
if you swim in the ocean
maybe you should just
swim in the agana pool remember
that’s where you learned
your dad used to swim the cocos challenge
i don’t even know how far it was but
i was always so scared”
take a few minutes to complete the questions below
this information helps us understand visitors to guam
and ensures your guam experience remains
the best it can be—

“your dad learned to swim as when
he was young, his uncle took him and
his brothers in a boat and pushed them into the ocean
and said swim
i guess that worked

but it’s too bad your dad can’t swim now
as much as he used to with his bad back
and legs he always seemed happiest
when he was swimming

no we don’t like the pool here
at the apartment complex
and your dad got a rash and his skin peeled
after he swam in the pool at the veterans center
in san jose”
—i am a returning
guam resident visitor returning from
a day/overnight trip to another island [stop here]
intended resident moving to guam
for longer than 90 days

“they are saying now that many beaches in guam
have become polluted because of the military
remember we used to go to ypao beach
your dad and brian always
picked up the balati and threw them at you and marla
so gross
they looked like little poopoos
but they knew better than to throw them at me

—my last trip to Guam was
this trip to Guam is my
where i/we plan to stay while on Guam
i am/we are traveling—

“i hope there’s no water outage when you’re home
remember we would fill up the tubs and sinks and
pots and gallon bottles if there was a typhoon coming
i’ll never forget that one typhoon was so bad
even though we boarded up the windows
the rain still
got through and flooded the bedrooms
so we put all our pillows and blankets in the hallway
and closed all the doors
all night the rains and winds

but we were safe
and close
in the hallway
and the typhoon
never hurt us”

—the primary reason for this trip to guam is
holiday/sight-seeing/relaxation gold diving
business travel company sponsored
employee visit friends and relatives
adventure medical treatment
sports related travel educational
english language test
tour wedding honeymoon convention/conference
employment government shopping
school excursion military other—

“it was raining
the night we landed in
san francisco
hopefully it won’t rain tomorrow
your dad will drive you to the airport
just remember
to drink lots of water
on the long flight

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