Catherine Strisik

Issue #
February 18, 2013

The Mistress Speaks, August 2008

She has seen me.

I stop his

arm from swinging

as he walks. The morning

summer on Cape Ann.

I push his hope of love

making−Oh, he feels good.

But she sees me stiffen

him and then

whatever saviors

she and he might have been

for each other, they are about to be

no longer.

He does not say aloud what I whisper

in his ear my name rather,

rotator cuff is bothering me.

My possession. I'll attempt to cause

their end. They cannot know

that when he inhaled the insect-i

-cide thirty years earlier, I’d now be

his. I am the best kept secret.

Until she sees me. No one

is crawling on their knees just yet.

It will be months before I bring them down.

*August 2009 At the neurologist’s office the diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease is made. The poem is from the manuscript-in-progress, The Mistress.

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