Ariana Kramer

Issue #
January 31, 2017

Persephone Goes Under

His thigh pressed down on her.
                                                                        Poppies scattered
from her mouth.
                                The sound,                     as in a dream,
                                 emptied out.

She could not fight
what was not there.

Paramedics brought her under                     to the bright hall.
along in slippers and                                      flimsy gowns,
heavy-lidded, slow and slurred –
                                   the dead
were not what she’d been told.
Just lonely
easily spooked by

Starving for Earth,
she would have eaten dirt.

He fed her pills                                                innuendos.

One by one,
grinding to dust,
she ate them from                                                  his hand.

When she returned, her mind was mangled
flitting on the edges, burning holes.
The evening news – she could not listen.

                                                                                    Half here-half there.

She lay
                             throat full of troubles

                                                                                         in the golden grasses.

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