Sharon Olinka

Issue #
September 27, 2015

All the Beautiful Stores

For you, nothing less
than perfection.

When you buy a woven
basket at Happy Village,
it will help end poverty.

Your cerulean wool Earth Boots
save the planet.

Life often
pocked. Unspeakable.
A lip of broken porcelain.

A nest of matted goat hair,
where sick infants sleep.

People wait for a bus,
you drive past them,
their sweating faces,

huge plastic grocery bags
full of boxed macaroni
and cheese.

You think, too bad
they don’t have a car.

Your car full of
recorded dolphin sounds.
So soothing.

If life throws
a donkey head
clotted with blood

in your path,
what will you do?

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