Ruben Quesada

Issue #
September 27, 2015

Anecdote of the Day

In a lilac hurricane of sunlight,
in my mind, alight from night’s

flight. I flick my lit cigarette
off this bridge into the warring

morning light. Past traffic, past
freeway; to enter the past. I stare.

I watch cars everywhere. Stuck together
all over town. Maybe I am in love;

I am drunk and in love above this highway
we loved. Where you and I swerved

into a blooming boom of smog
clouding the car’s windows

like the breath of indiscrete lovers
overlooking the sea. Once,

I heard the world won’t be worth living
in a million years. Though it can’t be true,

or maybe I don’t care. I drive fast.
This life won’t last. Feel my heat;

taste my lips so sweet. Come on, watch me
make this car fly. Watch me burn the sky.

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