Claudia Castro-Luna

Issue #
September 27, 2015

War and Love Shoot from Shadows

     The word on the corner of West and Sycamore

      PAEBAK      GATE       GUAZAPA       GRIEF

      A code word like so many others sprayed

      GONE       LKA 50      RICH       ONE

      Three syllables to arrest me

      HOSSANA      GUAZAPA       CEKS       GATS

      A word to shred time     It throbs in me     It takes all

      SECRETS       CHILDREN       LOST       BOYS

      Guazapa/volcano, Guazapa/civil war, Guazapa/far away, Guazapa/long ago

      To those of us in the know

      Guazapa screams on the roll up door of a car repair shop

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