Phyllis Hotch

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September 6, 2013

3 A.M.

Author of A Little Book of Lies and No Longer Time, poet Phyllis Hotch offers stunning and poignant poems in her new book, 3 A.M.

In her introduction, Marjorie Agosín writes: “3 A.M., the time of insomniacs and poets, is a collection of evocative and mysterious poems, a profound journey into the realm of dreams. It is a book that speaks of the altered mind, due to aging and disease, well as a book that celebrates the sacredness of being alive, of reflecting about solitude and beauty, landscape and renewal.”

“Time is my only companion,” declares the speaker of the poem, “Metaphor,” establishing the tone for stark meditations on age, increasing physical frailty, and the mind’s resilience. Considering travel, a narrator muses, “It may be too late for Bali/ dancers in swirling silks. / If I don’t like heat or damp, why leave here?” The familiar southwestern mesa consoles – ‘Fuzzy asters, praise them and the valiant lavender” – even as the speaker takes the daily drive to her husband’s nursing home. With a compassionate, unsparing sensibility, Hotch examines aging in contemporary consciousness and culture.
– Robin Becker

3 A.M.
Phyllis Hotch
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