Carol Moldaw

Issue #
September 6, 2013

Deleted Variant

That switch that gets flipped—
when you’re flailing
it feels accidental, unrepeatable.

. . . in a slough, almost
detached from my work, as if
I could let it float away–

too many variables.
Again, I’ve typed “beset”
instead of “best,” but it wasn’t

going to be best this time,
so I can’t leave it and sign off
like that, as I might have,

though surely you’d get the joke.
And if you didn’t? You’d think
me aloof. – One knuckle’s

so swollen I’m contemplating
getting my ring cut off,
the coral one I had made

from a singlet earring.
(If we knew each other better
you’d know the one I mean.)

Then there’s “yours,” either
too personal or too impersonal,
depending on how it’s read.

So instead, this dash—
though of course I’m yours
and you’re the best—

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