Lenny Foster

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September 6, 2013

Lenny Foster, Photographer

Back Beauty

"Slave House"


"Door of No Return"

"Power Objects"

"The Naming Day"

"The Dream of the Dance"

"Sunset Horse"

" Her Divinity"


"Mourning Angel"

"Freddie's Dream of the Palace"

"The Return to Love"Lenny Foster’s photography career began in 1993, after a trip to the Southwest. He traveled many back roads in northern New Mexico in search of “sacred moments,” followed by travels to West Africa, Tahiti, the Virgin Islands, Mexico, and the Bahamas. The work created in those first years is still developing and has received much acclaim. Foster’s work is in many private collections, both nationally and worldwide. His photography has also been in prominent institutions, including the Harwood Museum in Taos, NM, the Albuquerque Museum, and the permanent collection of the Muhammed Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky.

Foster has been recognized as a Taos Living Master by the Taos Fall Arts Committee in 2007, and, in 2010 his photograph, The Spirit of Bandelier won The Patsy Schumacher Best of Show award. His photographs have been purchased three times by New Mexico Art’s Council’s Art in Public Places program.

For the last thirteen years Foster has owned and operated the beautiful Living Light Photography Studio/Gallery, in downtown Taos.

Says Foster, "The process of creating photographs for me is about communing with the Divine.” His most recent focus is to develop five distinct bodies of work: The Fleur du Soleil sunflower series; Dreamtime, a series of photos of horses or the Shunka Wa-Kans (Holy Dogs in Lakota); the Peace, Prayer Love: A Show of Hands series, first documented in 1995 in Senegal, West Africa, and continued in cultures around the world; the Spiritscape series with images of spirits that appear as de-saturated color forms while the surrounding landscape remains in black and white; and lastly, Calling All Angels series photos of people in everyday situations graced with angel wings.

Lenny Foster's work can also be seen in his book, Healing Hands, Embodied Spirit and Light. Go to http://lennyfoster.com/hands.html to view or purchase the book.

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