Wang Ping

Issue #
September 6, 2013

Things That Matter Catch Us By Surprise

The air trembles with anticipation
Somewhere nearby and faraway
A miracle waits
A laugh, passed from child to child
And the world shakes with the small gesture
In the northern woods
A wolf dreams of his Red Riding Hood
A dog, swollen with puppies
Lies under the bush, its master absorbed
By the news in the morning shade
Somewhere in China, a little peasant girl
Is dreaming of college at twilight
Devouring Shakespeare as she squats
Between bags of rice, soap, pesticide

I believe every turn I’ve made
Was touched by an angel
Someone somewhere has guided me
Through the tangled paths
Now I’m standing at the confluent of two great rivers
Alone and surrounded by good words
The air vibrates with wonders
Children are coming home
With cards and a copper house for the birds

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