Naseer Hassan

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September 6, 2013


مِن شارعِ (الدّاخِلِ)، إلى ساحةِ الآخرين، تَوقَّفَتِ المَرْكَبَة.
كانَ يَحلُمُ أَنْ يَعودَ إلى غيرِهِ، بَعدَ كُلِّ الدُرُوبِ التي غَادرَتْهُ؛ تَعثَّرَ الجَسَدُ بالرِّحلةِ، والرِّحلَةُ بالمَرْكَبَة..
المساءُ تَأَلَّقَ في كُوَّةِ (الجامِعِ)، فيما تَجمَّعَتْ حَفنَةٌ مِن رجالٍ، حَوْلَ امرأةٍ (تَلْطِمُ الغَزْل.

From “al Dakhil” street, to the square of the “others,” the vehicle stopped.
He was dreaming of returning to something else, after all the roads that left him; the body
stumbled into the trip, and the trip stumbled into the vehicle …
The evening shone in the mosque’s porthole, while a fistful of men gathered\ around a
woman who was weeping the threads

from Dayplaces:Showdowns Concerning The Beauty Of The World And Its Depression

Translated by Naseer Hassan and Jon Davis, with Christopher Merrill

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