Laura Cesarco Eglin

Issue #
May 31, 2016

Corporizando el temblor / Embody the Tremor

Cuando me concentro en una
parte, el estremecimiento

viene a recordar
que el cuerpo se siente
                       qué más visual que el tacto
                       de lo que casi se toca

¿Qué ritmo monto
para que lo subliminal cruce?
                        un umbral se desata
                        xjuntando partes, silbando movimiento

When I focus on one
part, the shiver

comes as a reminder
that the body felt
                       what is more visual than the touch
                       of what almost touches

What rhythm shall I summon
to cross the subliminal?
                       a threshold is undone
                       by bringing parts together, whistling movement

Translation from the Spanish by Jesse Lee Kercheval and Catherine Jagoe

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