Yang Lian

Issue #
May 31, 2016

纪念一棵街角上的树 / Memorial to a Tree at the Street Corner

昨夜 我的诗移到街角上
扮演一棵树 挥舞

踮起脚尖叫 空中遍布

已经第几年 沿着红砖墙
拐弯就是故国 枝头

不再怕凋谢 自涮洗春天的
一夜 树桩上袅袅的电锯声

last night xxmy poem moved to the street corner
enacted a treexx waved
small white flowers that suddenly turned their faces like ghosts

screaming on tiptoexx permeated the air
ankle bones sparkled like crystals
the Tang dynasty like a lantern suddenly switched on

already it’s been so many yearsxx along a red brick wall
I turned a corner it was the old countryxx at branch tip
familiar bloodshed finds again its stand-in

throws out tons of quicksilver colors
but I am no longer scared of shrivelingxx since a spring night
washed awayxx at the tree stump the lingering sound of an electric saw

Translated from the Chinese to English by Arthur Sze; Previously published in Gulf Coast

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