November 2, 2023

The joy of a new dawn

                                                    - for Alexia

Yellow, wash away with the tenacity
of a woman on her knees
putting in elbow grease
singing in resonance
with all the others
at this natural waterfall,
suds all over, and happiness,
as in Naples, smells of soap.

Orange, give me the strength
of birth, as renewed I set to count
my golden lines - blessings that make
themselves heard, that shout
from rooftops like the color of the sun,
unstoppable, resourceful
but even at birth wise
enough not to be fooled by butterflies
by shiny faux jewels.

Black, let me be majestic
long after you are gone.
I know your absence is temporary
that as I toss and turn
you are a weighted blanket
whispering sweet… everything:
bitter pills renewed, night, raven,
quiet, absolute, going bump in the night,
sacred as I sleep.

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